What We Do

Cangem deals in a wide range of commodities and services all over the world. With our offices in key timezones, we are able to carry out projects, trading, facilitation and consultation around the globe. 

Crude Oil, Jet Fuel, Fuel Oil, Diesel, Petcoke, Mazut, Gas Oil from Oil refineries & End Sellers
Oil & Gas

Cangem trades and facilitates Crude Oil, Gasoil, Petcoke, Jet Fuel and other fuels procuring directly from refineries around the world and working with long term agreements with our clients. 

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Mining & Minerals
Cangem trades and facilitates iron ore fines, pellets and lumps from various iron ore mines. We trade and facilitate various grades of coal from coal mines around the world. Cangem is also a supplier of other minerals.
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High grade iron ore fines, lumps & pellets, steam/thermal coal, coking coal, scrap metal like HMS, used rail
Freight Forwarders, exporters, importers, Warehousing
Shipping & Logistics
Cangem works with clients all over the world providing volume shipping in containers, bulk vessel chartering and logistics including warehousing​ around the globe.
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International Trade Consulting
Cangem, with a decade of experience in international trade​, helps corporates around the world to scale their business by solving their export, import, shipping or legal compliance issues. In 94% of the cases, we increased the EBITDA of our clients by lowering the operating and/or shipping costs.
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If you are a broker, please read our Prospect Advice before contacting us.