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Happy Canada Day - We are giving back to Canadian veterans !

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Export Import & Shipping corporate training for veterans
Supporting Canadian Veterans

*** A message from our founder director ***

Happy Canada Day Folks !

I have something urgent to say and I don't see a better day than today !

I have been desiring to give back to this beautiful country, especially to the heroes who have been (and will be) the most integral part of the Canadian societal fabric, the Canadian veterans.

I fell in love with Canada, the land of opportunities, in 2007 when I came here as a student. I started my own business (against all pieces of advice and against all odds) the very next day I got my PR. People who know me will remember seeing me very early mornings, sitting outside in a car (Wanna know a secret ? I was there the whole night !)

I am glad to say that my hard work and my sweat paid off in ways I could have never imagined. I am proud and humbled at the same time to say that I have decided to take select Canadian veterans every month in Cangem's Commodity Trading, Brokering & Shipping (Export-Import) Training Program, the only such complete program in North America conducted by a real export-import corporation and not a training institute.

Cangem Global shall provide this training to the Canadian Veterans totally free of cost and get them ready for a post-service life in the Export-Import Business World !

For complete details of this training, please visit

If you are one of the proud Canadian veterans, I want to serve you ! Please get in touch by emailing or calling our offices.

Happy Canada Day to you !!!



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