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Corporate Profile

Cangem Global's Dubai Office.

Cangem Global Corporation is a privately held multinational corporation active in international trade consulting, legal medical consulting, shipping & logistics consulting & commodities consulting with our corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, training office in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and support offices in Dubai, UAE and India.

Corporation/Company History and Statistics:

Canada/Federal corporation no. 1369926-9 since January 20, 2022 

Corporate Amendment (name change) on May 14, 2015

Incorporated in Ontario with Corporation no. 2299220 since September 16, 2011

Business registered in Ontario on August 28, 2009

Dun & Bradsheet no. 205217029

International Trade Council Member no. 51512611734078


We take pride in being one of the very few companies where our clients can rely on our corporate strategies as they reflect years of experience, extensive market knowledge, extensive due diligence and second-to-none customer service.


whether it is international/foreign trade, export-import compliance training, legal medical consulting to plaintiff/defense or insurance firms or international shipping & logistics, Cangem can provide discrete services under legal agreements. 

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Cangem Global Is "Quality in Business" certified by the International Trade Council.

Cangem is QIB certified by the International Trade Council.

International Trade Council Certification

Cangem is an accredited member of the International Trade Council.

BBB accredited

Cangem is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau.

International Trade Consultant

International Trade Consulting

Cangem works with corporates around the world scale their businesses by solving their export, import, shipping or legal compliance issues and provides corporate training on various export, import & shipping topics. We help companies enter foreign markets while lowering their COGS & operating cost to increase their EBITDA.

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International Trade Training

 Cangem conducts an in depth Export Import & Shipping Training Program that is the only such program in North America that is run by a multinational export import corporation and not a training institute. 

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Export Import & Shipping Training Course
Medical law and justice concept. Doctor presses scales icon on virtual screen. Medicine ju

Medical Legal Consulting

Cangem provides discrete services to plaintiff & defence firms, insurance companies, hospitals and other private & government organizations in the medical-legal arena. Starting with accessing the legal defensibility of a case to assisting attorneys with discovery and trial preparation, the clients can rely on our experienced professionals.

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Oil & Petroleum


Cangem excels as one of the most responsible consultants in crude oil, gasoil/diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, and other refined products providing services to refineries, traders and government & private consumers. Cangem has worked with various Middle Eastern, Asian and other refineries around the world.

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Oil & Gas Consulting
Shipping Consultant

Shipping & Logistics


Cangem provides its expertise to exporters, importers and commodity traders by getting them custom bulk vessel and container freight. Because we do volume, we bring down the CFR price by getting the best freight even in strong markets. This division provides services for volume exports, imports and warehousing. At this time, we provide warehousing in Canada, USA, UAE and India.

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Mining & Minerals


Cangem works from ground up with direct miners and producers of various minerals and mining commodities. Cangem provides discrete consulting to Iron ore and coal miners and our clients count on us as one of the most responsible & knowledgeable professionals. Right from the mining to the shipping, we can provide the most comprehensive services


A coal mine
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