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Steam Coal & Coking Coal, Iron Ore, crude oil, Jet Fuel, gas oil, Mazut, green petcoke, LNG suppliers from refineries, mines & end sellers

Cangem Global Corporation is a privately-held multinational corporation active in the mining, minerals and oil & petroleum sectors (Ontario corporation no. 2299220) with our corporate headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, training & support office in Brampton, Ontario, Canada and trading offices in Dubai, UAE and India.


We take pride in being one of the very few companies in the world that promote a well balanced business model where our clients can rely on our business strategies as they reflect years of experience, extensive market knowledge, extensive due diligence and a top-notch and second-to-none customer service.


Cangem works both as trader and authorized consultant/facilitator (under contractual agreement) with iron ore and coal miners. We supply oil & gas products directly from top refineries. 


Cangem works as an international trade consultant providing expert export, import compliance training and solving any international trade related issues.                                            

"Lets try everyday to be better than who we were yesterday and one day we will be the best !"

International Trade Consulting division works with corporates around the world scale their businesses by solving their export, import, shipping or legal compliance issues. We help companies enter foreign markets while lowering their COGS & operating cost to increase their EBITDA

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Oil & Petroleum division  can supply petroleum products directly from top refineries and largest end sellers of crude oil & other oil commodities. We pride ourselves in being considered as one of the most responsible sellers, facilitators and traders of crude oil, gasoil/diesel, jet fuel, fuel oil, and other refined products. We are exporter and seller of different grades of bitumen, mostly from middle eastern refineries sourced from our Dubai office. We supply petroleum refined products from various Middle Eastern, Asian and other refineries around the world.

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Mining & Minerals division works from ground up with direct miners and producers of various minerals and mining commodities.

In the Iron ore mining sector, our clients count on us as one of the most responsible iron ore suppliers, traders, facilitators and exporters as we work directly with iron ore miners and end sellers. 

We supply various grades of coal from mining companies in Indonesia, South Africa and other regions under long term contractual agreements as well as on spot basis. Right from the miner to the consumer, we can take care of everything. We can also work as an intermediary under a long term agreement connecting the miners directly to end consumers.

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Shipping & Storage division works with other exporters, importers and traders by getting them the best local and ocean freight. Because we do volume, we bring down the CFR price (incoterms 2010) even in strong markets. This division provides services for volume exports, imports and warehousing. At this time, we provide warehousing in Canada, USA, UAE and India.

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"Cangem speaks your language English, French, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu alike."