Start An Export, Import & Shipping Business in Canada or USA with an Online Training Course.

The only such program in North America offered by a multinational export-import corporation and not just a training institute or a college. 

Cangem is QIB certified by the International Trade Council.

The trainees get to learn practically with real scenarios, real documents and get support even after the training.

Get import export licences from a QIB certified company

Do you have these questions bothering you ?

  • How to start an export import business or scale your existing business into volume exports or imports?

  • What is the proper procedure/process of importing and exporting?

  • How to apply for import export licenses and permits in US and Canada?

  • What are the best commodities to trade in times like now and how?

  • How to get the correct formats for tons of export, import, trading, brokering & shipping documents ? 

  • How to talk to sellers & buyers and how to find genuine sellers and buyers in the first place (Due Diligence) ?

How to get an "Import Export Licence or Permit" in Canada or USA?


The first question asked by most people trying to start exporting or importing is,"How to apply an export import licence or permit in USA/Canada?" not knowing that there is no such thing as an export-import licence or permit in US, Canada and many other countries. After learning the fact, most of the times, the next question is, "Then how can we start exporting and importing in Canada/USA?"

The compliance for exporting or importing depends on the product you are planning to export or import. For example, you need an SFC licence to import food products for human consumption in Canada under the SFCR guidelines from the CFIA. Similarly, for different products, different licences or permits applications and other compliance could be there, both in US and Canada.

In Canada, most people confuse the import export account from the CRA with an export import licence. In United States of America, even this import export account is not there. However, other export & import compliance is always there.

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What our past trainees have to say about this training program:


Total 4 weeks training and 8 weeks consultation after the training. Live online webinar every Saturday & Sunday from 10:30 AM to 3:30 PM EST (Toronto Time). 30 minutes break around 1:00 PM EST.

The program includes:

1) Export, import, shipping, trading and brokering training.

2) Incoterms 2010 & 2020.

3) Formats for all the export, import, shipping, trading, brokering and legal documents.

4) Detailed instructions for setting up your own company in Canada or USA, activating export import account/licenses and tax accounts and getting other licenses or permits.

5) Market analysis, commodities information and marketing.

6) Proper way of working with freight forwarders & customs brokers.

7) Process of finding and selecting genuine buyers and sellers through due diligence (background check).

8) A script to talk to sellers, buyers, freight forwarders, custom brokers and other traders or brokers.

9) The first two months of consulting after the training is included in the price subject to terms and conditions. 

Fees for Canadian entities: 

If you are a Canadian and/or a Canadian company: CAD 2750 plus 13% HST (CAD 3107.50), to be paid in 3 instalments of CAD 1035.83 each.

Fees for non-Canadian entities: 

If you are not a Canadian and you do not have any company in Canada: CAD 2750, to be paid in 3 instalments of CAD 916.66 each. 

You will get an invoice for "Training & Consultation" that shall go towards your taxes as a business expense.

How does this program compare to other programs and courses ?
  • This is the only program that is offered by an export import based corporation and not a training institute or a college and thus our program is based on practical knowledge, the trainees learn with real documents and are given these export, import, trading, brokering & shipping documents as formats to use for their businesses. You get the market insights, learn what commodities to do right now, how to do due diligence and find genuine sellers and buyers. You will learn the practical procedure of exporting, importing, trading, brokering and shipping.

  • You get step by step instructions to register your company, get all accounts, import-export licenses and permits in place, learn how to work with sellers, buyers, freight forwarders, custom brokers, shipping lines, and other entities, so much so a script to talk to all these companies to sound professional, you get all under one roof. Finally, you learn what commodities are best to export & import.

  • We teach the official way and the real/practical (not so official) way to do business. You cannot do business by reading ICC publications or by reading books. Very often wrong incoterms are used in the market, you need to know the wrong incoterms as well because that is how 90% of the world is doing business. For example, sellers and buyers using FOB actually carry out FCA. Sellers, buyers, traders, even banks use the incorrect terms. 

  • There are many programs offered by colleges in Canada and US and the fees for the some of them is north of $10,000. Topics like incoterms alone cost hundreds of dollars to learn from reputable sources. The trade consultants charge hundreds of dollars per hour to give insight into the current commodities market and trends. Corporate lawyers charge hundreds of dollars per hour to formulate legal documents, some agreements costing you north of $1500. Just to setup a company for exports & imports, an accountant or a lawyer will charge upwards of $1200. You get all this directly from a company who has been in this business for a decade for one-fifth of the market price.

  • We provide support for two months even after the training. We will overview if trainees are doing everything properly, selecting proper incoterms, payment terms and documentation before they issue a proforma or sign any agreement. No institute offers this.



The training sessions are conducted online in English language as live webinars using a 5 star rated platform and includes:

1. Audio Video input for both presenter and attendees

2. Screen Share (The presenter and trainees can share the screens)

3. Share files (The presenter and trainees can share any documents or files)

4. Whiteboard (The presenter can write or draw with a digital pen and you see it on your screen) 

Important: You will need a stable high speed internet and a laptop with working speakers & microphone.

Limited spots are available in Nov 27 - Dec 19, 2021​ batch.


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The story behind this training:


Being a multinational corporation in the international trade sector, we could see that it is a herculean task to start this journey and achieve success in the export-import world because the people who are doing this business are not teaching & the ones who are teaching have never done this business !


Henceforth, our founder director started a program named Export, Import & Shipping Training to help newcomers to start an export, import or shipping business with a step by step process. It is a 2 step program where trainees can get started in the international commodity trading and brokering (export-import) world with 4 weeks training and 8 weeks consulting. They learn from the founder director of an export based corporation and learn with real documents, with real examples and get to know firsthand the real problems and opportunities that exist in this sector. 


We can proudly say that we have created huge success stories, from our trainees being complete newcomers, starting their journey in the export-import world to doing multi-million dollars worth of trading, exporting & importing to some of them even getting featured on the Financial Post. The testimonials on Cangem's google page and on our website are worth reading.


"The problem is that the people who are doing this business are not teaching

& the ones who are teaching have never done this business.

Learn from the people who are doing this business."