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Investor Relations

At Cangem Global, the Investor Relations Division promotes partnership development with our clients offering a well based business structure with a broad spectrum venture investment capital. We also welcome joint ventures and acquisitions.

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We have built strong relationships with our clients over the years and they have come to expect traditional, world-class service from Cangem Global. This division moves us and our investors beyond traditional roles and enables the group to establish into new sectors while investing wisely with vast experience and knowledge of our corporate firm.

Cangem provides the most comprehensive & discrete international trade consulting, export import compliance training, consulting in oil & gas and mining sectors with a strong foothold in these arenas and with our offices in key time zones globally. With more than a decade of experience in export, import, commodity trading, shipping & consulting, we have worked in B2C, B2B and B2G environments internationally.

"Cangem speaks your language English, French, Arabic, Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu alike."

Imagine having a wealth of consulting intelligence, excellent international trade know how and legal compliance expertise at your full disposal. The Investor Relations Division of Cangem Global Corporation helps your & our leadership integrate into global operations of well established corporate firms. 


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Cangem Global is a QIB accredited business by the International Trade Council.

Cangem is QIB certified by the International Trade Council.

International Trade Council Certification

Cangem is an accredited member of the International Trade Council.

BBB certificate 2024

Cangem is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau.

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