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Corporate Responsibility

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Promoting Corporate Responsibility


Responsibility should be core to any business structure.  It defines how we interact with our clients, our partners and our communities. We understand that our reputation depends on our honoring our commitments, doing what is right and addressing what is not.


Cangem Global manages its activities with the highest regard for the wellbeing of people, places and the environment. The activities we undertake are managed to the highest corporate, environmental, health and safety standards.


In the communities where we operate, be it a long-term project or a short term project, we employ local people to manage and run our business. This helps to create more sustainable businesses. Cangem's approach is always to act responsibly and try its best to be a leader in corporate responsibility. 

Promoting Environmental Responsibility


We wanted to be a part of the world’s transition towards a greener globe and that is why we have adopted environmental products into our portfolio.


By operating our business in the most efficient and greener way, we at Cangem Global Corporation, make sure to do our best in reducing the impact on the environment. Our goal is to work in harmony with Mother Nature and to provide economic benefit to local communities, our customers and suppliers.


We also convey our values of environmental protection to our freight forwarders, truckers, manufacturers, clients and other operations.

Read about Ethics & Compliance

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