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Mining & Minerals Division

The Metals & Mining Division of Cangem was carved out of the parent structure that started in Canada with the exports of scrap metal, mostly HMS 80:20. Now, it has grown into an international trade consultant in mining and mineral commodities from all over the world. We also invest in joint venture operations all over the world.

We work directly with mining companies, producers, end sellers and end buyers. We have an extensive due diligence in place and prospects shall go through the KYC before we can discuss procedures. We work with select brokers and facilitators if they agree to our Prospect Terms.

We are steam coal & coking coal suppliers, exporters & traders. We work directly with end sellers and coal mines


We work hand in glove with a number of coal mining companies in Indonesia, South Africa and other parts of the world  dealing in both Thermal Coal and Metallurgical Coal. 


Thermal coal is lower in carbon content and calorific value, higher in moisture value, is the world’s most abundant fossil fuel and is primarily used to produce energy.


Metallurgical coal is less abundant than thermal coal and is primarily used in the production of coke which is an important part of the integrated steel mill process.


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Iron Ore

Utilizing its strong presence in recycling and metallurgy industry, Cangem has successfully been able to make inroads into the global market for Iron ore as one of the prominent consulting companies.

In a short span, Cangem has attained a name among the most dynamic and professional consultants to iron ore mining companies and iron ore importers around the globe and enjoys long term business relations with them.


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We are iron ore suppliers, exporters & traders. We work directly with end sellers and iron ore mines
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