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International Trade/Business Consulting | Export Import Compliance Training

Businesses around the globe today are going through tough times but we believe that adversities come along with opportunities. The international trade is getting more complex by the day and multi-million dollar penalties are being levied upon exporters and importers for not following proper trade compliance, government regulations, sanctions and import-export control measures. As such, the role of international trade consultants is becoming more important by the day.

International trade (export, import & shipping) compliance training has become an essential part of all companies, big or small, and Cangem provides the best international trade consulting and export import compliance training because we have a strong foothold in international trading (export-import) & brokering around the world with our offices in key time zones globally. With more than a decade of experience in export, import, trading and shipping, we have worked in B2C, B2B and B2G environments internationally.


We tackle international trade agreements, sanctions, government & international trade compliance, licences & permits, and tons of export-import, trading, brokering, financial/banking & shipping documents like Bills of lading (BL), Letters of credit (LC), Export Declarations (CERS, AES etc), Certificates of origin etc every day as an international trade/business consulting company.

Cangem Global is QIB certified by the International Trade Council

Cangem is QIB certified by the International Trade Council.

International Trade Council Certification

Cangem is an accredited member of the International Trade Council.

BBB accredited

Cangem is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau.

International business consulting
Export Import & Shipping Training & Consulting

 Can you relate with these questions & statements ?

  •  How to scale our business in volume exports or imports?

  • Our company is a manufacturer or an agriculture producer or a local trader but we don't know how to properly export.

  • Is our company paying the best ocean (or air) freight rates for our shipments?

  • ​Do I or our employees properly understand incoterms (2010 & 2020), banking, shipping, trading and brokering documentation?

  • ​Do I or my team need international trade compliance training, understand export-import control and the risk of monetary penalties if we do not follow the regulations?

  • Are the tariffs, FTAs (free trade agreements) and sanctions affecting our company?

  • We need to enter a foreign market or setup our presence in another country.

Get a 20 minutes preliminary over the phone consultation to see how Cangem can help.

Cangem also offers a complete corporate training program that will teach you and your employees A to Z in exports, imports, trading, brokering & logistics including incoterms 2010 and 2020, trade & legal documentation etc. Cangem's export-import business training is the only program available in North America that is offered by a global commodity trading and consulting corporation and not just a training institute or a college. 


Cangem can help you start exporting, enter a foreign market or start a company in another country with corresponding market research and align a correct marketing POA for you.


Cangem can get you out of any international trade related issue, be that export import compliance, international trade agreement, a financial instrument, a sanction or anything else with our expert trade/business consulting.

"In one case, without changing the production cost & without changing
the ocean freight and local trucking, just by tweaking the loading
per container, we saved our client north of $750,000 PA"


Stuck with a sanction, export, import, shipment or compliance issue?

We can help.

Due Diligence

Want to get a corporate due diligence before moving ahead?


We can help. 


Want your team up to date in international trade knowledge?

We can help.


 Want to enter a new market or set up office in another country?


We can help.

Already doing volume shipments ?

Cangem can help you save a lot of capital by providing the best freight rates in the industry. Cangem is involved in volume shipments and thus we have access to best rates and terms.

More than 70% of companies that do volume shipments lose a lot of capital because they do not get the best freight rates. We understand that you have a lot on your plate. Let us do what we do best and improve your CFR/CIF Prices.

Learn more about our Shipping & Logistics

Already in manufacturing or production?

Cangem's expert trade consulting can help you start exporting and exploring the international markets for your product with a complete "Export, Import and Shipping" program that will teach you exporting, importing, shipping, incoterms (international commercial terms), trade, banking & shipping related documents and other legal agreements pertaining to the international trade.

You will be able to grow exponentially in international markets within months and meanwhile we will take care of the regulations, compliance and international freight.

Are you new in exports, imports or shipping?​

Cangem's Export, Import & Shipping Training Program is the only such complete program in North America that is conducted by an export import based corporation and not a training institute. Click below to see the details of the program.

Tell us your story and let us help you ! 

Thanks for your interest ! Someone from Cangem will get back to you shortly.

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