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Gas Oil / Diesel Fuel / Automotive Gas oil

Gasoil ULSD, 500 ppm diesel fuel producing refineries
Gasoil is the second distillate from the crude oil, and can be used without reformers and additives. The brokers moslty use the term D2. Automotive diesel for cars and trucks has additives that the refineries add to make the engine more efficient and also easier to start in the winter.
As of 2016, almost all of the petroleum-based diesel fuel available in UK, Europe and North America is of ULSD type. In the UK, diesel fuel for on-road use is commonly abbreviated DERV, standing for diesel-engined road vehicle. Gas oil that is used to power off-road vehicles that are used in the industrial, commercial and agricultural communities is often called “red diesel”
 Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is a standard for defining diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur contents. 

The GOST variant for D2/Gasoil is GOST 305-82 and specifies now a sulphur content of 0.02 MAX which is according to the ISO standard. However, the ANSI standard will call this "Ultra Low Sulphur", and retain 0.2% (2000ppm) as the "Low sulphur”.

Automotive diesel has national variants - but the usual variants traded are EN590 and EN560 which are specified by ISO in Paris. These qualities may be sold in the U.S., and be compliant with EPA regulations in the U.S. D2 is never used by most refineries especially in Russia, they use terms like Gasoil 0.2, Gasoil 0.1, ULSD/50-10 ppm/EN590.
Depending on consumer's requirement, Cangem can supply Gasoil from various refineries in Asia, Middle East and US.

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