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Heavy & Light Crude Oil

Light crude oil end sellers

Cangem Global entered the crude oil trading and brokering business with our intent to become one of the most responsible, ethical and largest crude consultants in the world.


We work in long term partnerships with crude oil end sellers and producers. Our physical presence in the Middle East, Asia and North America help us source crude oil from all over the world and develop good relations with refineries, oil majors and national oil companies. 


We have access to long-term supplies of tradable oil streams and use this to further expand our relationships with regional refineries and consumers.

We can supply Bonny Light Crude Oil (BLCO), Saudi Light Crude Oil (SLCO), Azeri Light, Oman Light & heavy crude etc directly from crude oil producers. 

Please note that Cangem has a KYC in place for the supply of Crude Oil that for most part reflects the accreditation process of the pertaining refinery from where the oil shall be supplied. 

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