High Grade Magnetite & Hematite Iron Ore Fines, Lumps & BF or DRI Pellets from Mines & Manufacturers.

Already being in business with Steel Manufacturers as we supplied metal scrap to them and with a strong brand value, Cangem Global could attain a strong presence in the iron ore exports as one of the leading suppliers. We can supply iron ore fines, lumps & BF or DRI pellets from Chile, Iran, Mexico, Brazil, Australia and India directly from mines without a long chain of brokers. We work directly with end sellers, manufacturers, end buyers and mines. We can work with brokers but there are certain guidelines that brokers need to know before contacting us.

iron ore mining companies producing iron ore fines & pellets
The major issue concerning iron ore producers and exporters is  highly fluctuating prices for past few months. In December 11, 2015, the iron ore prices sunk to a record low of $38.30 PMT CFR and just 3 months later, on March 02, 2016, the price was $52.6 PMT CFR. The major contributor to this global rise in iron ore prices was the closure of Samarco Mine in Brazil (A joint Venture of Vale & BHP).
The biggest ever gain in the prices of iron ore was recorded on March 07, 2016 when the spot iron ore price rose to $64.40 PMT CFR with a gain of $10.70. This is the highest since February, 2015. However, keep in mind that the prices were around $135.8 per dmtu in December 2013.  
So we offer iron ore based on fixed price spot or Platts based term contracts.                                                                                                    

We can offer discount off Platts on 12 months contract. For Corporate Offers, please contact our corporate office. We mostly quote CIP or CFR; however, sometimes we prefer FOB. Cangem Global can supply both magnetite and hematite iron ore grades. High grade iron ore with Fe 63.5% + upto 71% possible. We can supply iron ore Fe 56-58% also from India. Cangem can supply iron ore fines, lumps and BF or DRI pellets


There are tons of brokers involved in the industry and unfortunately not more than a small percent of them are actually doing iron ore business. Cangem Global mostly deals with direct sellers of iron ore, miners and end buyers who are mostly steel manufacturers or investor traders; however, we also deal with select facilitators. So, if you receive any offer from Cangem from a third party, we implore you to verify it with our office in Canada.   

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