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Steam/Thermal Coal & Coking/Metallurgical Coal  

Directly from mines in South Africa, Indonesia, Australia, Columbia and other origins.

Already being in business with Steel Manufacturers as we supplied metal scrap to them and with a strong brand value, Cangem could attain a strong presence in the thermal coal and coking coal exports as a trader and supplier. We can supply steam coal (also known as thermal coal & non-coking coal) and coking coal (also known as metallurgical coal) directly from coal mines, different origins. We work directly with end sellers, mining companies, other traders & end consumers. We can work with brokers but there are certain guidelines that brokers need to follow before contacting us.

Thermal coal and Coking Coal sellers from mines
Even with the introduction of renewable energy sources, coal is still one of the leading energy sources among all non-renewables and also has the largest reserves. The leading coal producers are China, USA, Australia, Indonesia, and India. The global coal consumption was on the rise, peaking in 2013, world coal consumption has been dramatically falling mostly because of the rising environmental concerns.
2015 was another tough year for both thermal coal and mettalurgical coal markets with prices going down further. Chinese imports went from 208 million tonnes per year in 2014 to about 145 million tonnes in 2015

More than ever, the end buyers and end sellers of coal need responsible & genuine traders who believe in proper due diligence and fair trade practices.

Cangem Global supplies coal with GCV ranging 3800 to 7300 kcal/kg and varying volatile matter from coal miners around the world. We sell steam coal (also known as thermal coal or non-coking coal), various grades of metallurgical coal (also know as coking coal) like hard coking coal, semi hard coking coal and then PCI or anthracite coal.


For further details, contact our corporate office in Canada. 

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