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Green Petroleum Coke, Calcined Petcoke & ULS Pet Coke.

Green Petcoke & calcined petroleum coke sellers

Petroleum Coke is derived from oil refinery coker units or other cracking processes for example contact coking, fluid coking, delayed coking etc. Petroleum coke can either be fuel grade petcoke (high in sulphur and metals) or anode grade petcoke (low in sulphur and metals). 

The raw coke directly out of coker is called green petcoke (GPC), green meaning unprocessed. This type of petcoke is called fuel grade petroleum coke and has higher sulphur content. The further processing of green petroleum coke by calcining produces Calcined Petcoke (CPC). This grade is used in the aluminum, steel and titanium smelting industry.

Cangem is a supplier of both fuel grade and anode grade petcoke directly from Middle Eastern and Asian refineries with sulphur content ranging from less than 1% (ULS) to 4-5% (mid sulphur) and low ash content depending upon our client's requirement. 

There has been major concerns regarding the environmental impact of high sulphur petcoke in the recent past. Subsequently, some countries banned the pet-coke use but a global ban of high sulphur pet coke is not a far fetched thought. Other countries still consuming high sulphur petroleum coke could also implement this ban in the near future.  

As a concerned corporate entity committed to the global transition towards a greener earth, Cangem has been constantly active in increasing our low-mid sulphur fuel grade pet coke and ultra low sulphur calcined pet-coke procurement and supply. We supply petroleum coke from Middle Eastern, South American and Asian producers. 

We supply the much desired mid sulphur Petcoke (fuel grade) with around 4.6% sulphur directly from some refineries.
As in other commodities, we work directly with refineries, end sellers and end buyers. We have an extensive due diligence in place and buyers shall fill out the KYC form before we can send any offers.

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