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Comprehending and reviewing the medical records to assess the defensibility of the case can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We at Cangem can help make sense of the exhaustive medical records and find the missing pieces of the puzzle because Cangem has medical professionals onboard with decades of experience navigating the health care system with varied expertise from neonatal patient population to adults.


Our experts have the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise to bring structure and organization to the medical record.


Are you a lawyer or a law agency and you need a legal nurse or medical consultant?

We can help.


Are you a hospital or a health care facility and you need a legal consultant? 

We are here.

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Are you an insurance company in need of a legal nurse or medical consultant?

We can help.


Are you a doctor, a nurse, a physician or any other medical professional?

We need you.

Why Cangem & Why Medical Consultants?


As a global consulting corporation, Cangem entered the Legal Medical/Nurse Consulting with the knowledge that medical malpractice cases are one of the most complex and are mostly deluging with a lot of data that only makes sense to medical professionals. Most cases can become extremely costly if not handled properly right from the screening to the witness preparation. 

Making efficient use of Cangem's global consulting expertise in a vast number of arenas and medical professionals onboard with decades of experience in multitude of practice areas like neonatal intensive care, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, personal injury etc, Cangem is the best choice for legal medical or nurse consulting for lawyers, hospitals, law agencies and insurance companies alike. ​


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Cangem's legal medical/nurse consulting includes:

  • Screening and Analysis of cases for merit.

  • Review, interpret and summarize medical records.

  • Medical Chronologies and timelines.

  • Identify standards of care and if a breach of duty occurred.

  • Attend, observe and report an Independent medical exam/Defense medical exam.

  • Assist with discovery and trial preparation

  • Preparing detailed reports summarizing adherence or deviations from standards of care in a given case.

  • Exhaustive authoritative literature search and written summary to strengthen case merit.


Cangem is a certified member of the Legal Nurse Consultants Association of Canada.

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Cangem is a certified member of the American Association Of Legal Nurse Consultants.

BBB accredited

Cangem is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau.

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