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Legal Nurse Consulting | Medical Legal Consulting.

Comprehending and reviewing the medical records to assess the merit of the case can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We at Cangem can help make sense of the exhaustive medical records and find the missing pieces of the puzzle because Cangem has LNCs (legal nurse consultants) and medical legal experts onboard with decades of experience navigating the health care system with varied expertise from neonatal patient population to adults.


Our legal nurse consultants and other medical legal experts have the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise to bring structure and organization to the medical record or the EMR (electronic medical record). 


Cangem not only provides expert witnesses but does a whole lot more !​

Most lawyers in many countries like Canada only opt for an expert witness on the case right from the beginning. This almost always turns out to be an extremely expensive option for the lawyers and other organizations because the expert witnesses or medical legal experts who charge thousands of dollars are not even needed at the screening phase of the case, especially if there is no merit in the case.


Hiring an LNC or a medical legal consultant like Cangem from the beginning always proves beneficial because we first screen the case for merit, help determine missing records, identify liability issues not known earlier, identify record tampering and analyze case strengths & weaknesses. Once the case merit has been determined, Cangem locates credible expert witnesses pertaining to the case from our extensive database.

Cangem is your go to EMR audit trail expert provider !

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) audit trail is a report that is generated by the institute's electronic medical record comprising of chronological, edited and unedited documentation and all activity by every single user logging into that system. The electronic medical records are just the tip of the iceberg when screening medical malpractice cases. When requested properly, the EMR audit trail can unearth various facets of the case that can ultimately change the outcome in a medical malpractice suit. One of the main purposes of EMR audit trail is to determine if the health care provider's testimony is consistent with their activity in the audit trail. Cangem is one of the very few medical legal consultants that possess the tools and the knowledge to analyze EMR audit trail !

Learn more about EMR audit trail here.


Are you a lawyer or a law agency and you need a legal nurse or medical consultant?

We can help.


Are you a hospital or a health care facility and you need a legal consultant? 

We are here.

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Are you an insurance company in need of a legal nurse or medical consultant?

We can help.


Are you a doctor, a nurse, a physician or any other medical professional?

We need you.

Why Cangem & Why Legal Nurse/Medical Consultants?


As a global consulting corporation with experience in both medical and consulting fields, Cangem provides tangible and actionable medical legal consulting and legal nurse consulting. We possess the knowledge that medical malpractice cases are one of the most complex and are mostly deluging with a lot of data that only makes sense to medical professionals. Most cases can become extremely costly if not handled properly right from the screening to the witness preparation. 

Making efficient use of Cangem's global consulting expertise in a vast number of arenas and medical professionals onboard with decades of experience in multitude of practice areas like neonatal intensive care, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, personal injury etc, Cangem is the best choice for legal nurse consulting for lawyers, hospitals, law agencies and insurance companies alike. ​


Medical Legal & EMR Audit Trail Consulting | Canada & USA

Cangem's medical legal consulting & legal nurse consulting includes:​

  • Screening and Analysis of cases for merit.

  • Review, interpret and summarize medical records.

  • Analyzing EMR audit trails in medical malpractice cases.​

  • Identify standards of care and if a breach of duty occurred.

  • Attend, observe and report an Independent medical exam/Defense medical exam.

  • Assist with discovery and trial preparation.

  • Preparing detailed reports summarizing adherence or deviations from standards of care in a given case.

  • Exhaustive authoritative literature search and written summary to strengthen case merit.

  • Locating credible experts (expert witnesses).

Legal nurse consultants Canada

Cangem is a certified member of the Legal Nurse Consultants Association of Canada.

Legal nurse consultants USA

Cangem is a certified member of the American Association Of Legal Nurse Consultants.

Cangem is A+ on BBB

Cangem is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau.

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1. When should I consult an LNC?

As soon as you have a case on hand. The earlier you consult an LNC, the sooner we will be able to determine if a case is meritorious or not.

2. Why should I hire an LNC when I already have a paralegal?

LNC’s have years of clinical experience that makes them very knowledgeable about various disease processes, treatment and prognosis which otherwise cannot be gained by merely reading books or a google search. Paralegals may be able to review a medical record but cannot interpret the findings in the record the way an LNC does. Most of the LNC’s are current in their practice which keeps them abreast with the latest updates in the standards of care and can easily navigate the health record to find the missing links which may ultimately be the difference in winning or losing the case.


3. I want to consult a doctor (or an expert witness) on the case, do I still need an LNC?

LNC’s, if hired early in the case, can prove to be a much more cost-effective choice as they can determine the merit of the case and then suggest the right experts to opine on the causation in the case, if needed. You may not need the opinion of an expert right at the very beginning which may turn out to be an expensive investment for you.


4. Can Cangem help me during the discovery and trial process?

Yes, we absolutely can. We can help locate credible expert witnesses and aid in preparing them for deposition. We prepare questions for depositions and assist in cross- examination of witnesses. During trial, often the jury needs to be explained complex medical information in the form of demonstrative evidence like graphs, tables, charts and pictures. We can create all the above graphics to break down complex medical conditions in an easy-to-understand simple process.

What is EMR audit trail?

With most hospitals leaning towards paperless documentation and technology, it is even more important to understand how the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) functions. Without the Audit trail, the medical records need to be taken at face value and the data integrity cannot be verified.


Audit trail is the metadata. Each time someone accesses the EMR to view, create, modify, copy, or delete data, the audit trail records it.


Audit trail serves many purposes.


Audit trail helps to demonstrate the data integrity, ie, how many editions/deletions were made and what data was originally entered and verify the credibility of serious allegations levelled on the healthcare providers by the plaintiff, when nothing is documented in the EMR.


At times, reviewing audit trails help identify potential defendants that were missed during the initial medical review. Sometimes, the testimony of the defendants needs to be further authenticated even after it corroborates with EMR documentation. This is to see if there are any discrepancies or inconsistencies between the actual activity of the defendant in the medical record and his/her testimony.

EMR audit trail also benefits the defense counsel in anticipating the opposing counsel's strategies and can assist them to be better prepared.


WHEN do we access the EMR audit trail?

The audit trail should be requested for in every medical malpractice case to get a comprehensive picture of the case from get go and verify data integrity.


HOW should you request EMR Audit trails?

Audit trails should be requested in an unaltered excel version. Many times, they come in pdfs with data missing and as access logs which does not provide enough information to provide a definitive conclusion.


WHO analyzes the EMR audit trail?

Typically, IT experts or LNC’s trained in audit trail analysis would be ideal. However, LNC’s with years of experience using the EMR system can easily anticipate the behaviour of the user in the context of the clinical setting which gives them an edge over IT experts.


Cangem is well versed in systems like EPIC, CERNER, Meditech, Kidcare and CIMS and as such we can vouch for a fact that our LNC’s are ideal for the in-depth analysis of EMR audit trails.

EMR audit trail
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