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Legal Nurse Consulting | Medical Legal Consulting.

Comprehending and reviewing the medical records to assess the merit of the case can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We at Cangem can help make sense of the exhaustive medical records and find the missing pieces of the puzzle because Cangem has LNCs (legal nurse consultants) and medical legal experts onboard with decades of experience navigating the health care system with varied expertise from neonatal patient population to adults.


Our legal nurse consultants and other medical legal experts have the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise to bring structure and organization to the medical record or the EMR (electronic medical record). 


Cangem not only provides expert witnesses but does a whole lot more !​

Most lawyers in many countries like Canada only opt for an expert witness on the case right from the beginning. This almost always turns out to be an extremely expensive option for the lawyers and other organizations because the expert witnesses or medical legal experts who charge thousands of dollars are not even needed at the screening phase of the case, especially if there is no merit in the case.


Hiring an LNC or a medical legal consultant like Cangem from the beginning always proves beneficial because we first screen the case for merit, help determine missing records, identify liability issues not known earlier, identify record tampering and analyze case strengths & weaknesses. Once the case merit has been determined, Cangem locates credible expert witnesses pertaining to the case from our extensive database.

Cangem is your go to EMR audit trail expert provider !

EMR (Electronic Medical Record) audit trail is a report that is generated by the institute's electronic medical record comprising of chronological, edited and unedited documentation and all activity by every single user logging into that system. The electronic medical records are just the tip of the iceberg when screening medical malpractice cases. When requested properly, the EMR audit trail can unearth various facets of the case that can ultimately change the outcome in a medical malpractice suit. One of the main purposes of EMR audit trail is to determine if the health care provider's testimony is consistent with their activity in the audit trail. Cangem is one of the very few medical legal consultants that possess the tools and the knowledge to analyze EMR audit trail !

Learn more about EMR audit trail here.


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