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Comprehending and reviewing the medical records to assess the merit of the case can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We at Cangem can help make sense of the exhaustive medical records and find the missing pieces of the puzzle because Cangem has LNCs (legal nurse consultants) and medical professionals onboard with decades of experience navigating the health care system with varied expertise from neonatal patient population to adults.


Our legal nurse consultants and other experts have the knowledge, experience, skills and expertise to bring structure and organization to the medical record.


Are you a lawyer or a law agency and you need a legal nurse or medical consultant?

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Are you an insurance company in need of a legal nurse or medical consultant?

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Are you a doctor, a nurse, a physician or any other medical professional?

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Why Cangem & Why Legal Nurse/Medical Consultants?


As a global consulting corporation, Cangem entered the medical legal consulting and legal nurse consulting with the knowledge that medical malpractice cases are one of the most complex and are mostly deluging with a lot of data that only makes sense to medical professionals. Most cases can become extremely costly if not handled properly right from the screening to the witness preparation. 

Making efficient use of Cangem's global consulting expertise in a vast number of arenas and medical professionals onboard with decades of experience in multitude of practice areas like neonatal intensive care, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, personal injury etc, Cangem is the best choice for legal nurse consulting for lawyers, hospitals, law agencies and insurance companies alike. ​


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Cangem's medical legal consulting & legal nurse consulting includes:

  • Screening and Analysis of cases for merit.

  • Review, interpret and summarize medical records.

  • Medical Chronologies and timelines.

  • Identify standards of care and if a breach of duty occurred.

  • Attend, observe and report an Independent medical exam/Defense medical exam.

  • Assist with discovery and trial preparation

  • Preparing detailed reports summarizing adherence or deviations from standards of care in a given case.

  • Exhaustive authoritative literature search and written summary to strengthen case merit.

  • Locating credible experts.

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Cangem is a certified member of the Legal Nurse Consultants Association of Canada.

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Cangem is a certified member of the American Association Of Legal Nurse Consultants.

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Cangem is A+ rated on the Better Business Bureau.

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About our Lead Legal Nurse Consultant at Cangem:

Love Preet Kaur is the head of Cangem's medical legal consulting team and has been working as a certified Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) Nurse for past 17 years. Her experience spans across 3 different countries in neonatal intensive care, paediatrics and obstetrics & gynaecology while working at topnotch tertiary care hospitals like The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto), Dubai Hospital (UAE) and PGIMER (India).

Her many years of experience and expertise enables a comprehensive review of cases which involves not only an in-depth medical evaluation of standards of care but is also cost effective at the same time. As a masters trained health care professional, she has an extensive knowledge in conducting literature research and objectively contemplating causation in the case.

"I have been a leader in innovation, have participated in international forums and conferences and have facilitated adherence to accreditation standards. My passion for patient advocacy, critical thinking and ability to problem-solve are some of the many skills that I bring to the legal arena.


As legal nurse consultants (LNCs), I and my team are well poised to handle cases from merit to verdict. 

With a substantial network of expert witnesses we can help locate experts to build and strengthen the credibility of your case and help save time and money."

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1. When should I consult an LNC?

As soon as you have a case on hand. The earlier you consult an LNC, the sooner we will be able to determine if a case is meritorious or not.

2. Why should I hire an LNC when I already have a paralegal?

LNC’s have years of clinical experience that makes them very knowledgeable about various disease processes, treatment and prognosis which otherwise cannot be gained by merely reading books or a google search. Paralegals may be able to review a medical record but cannot interpret the findings in the record the way an LNC does. Most of the LNC’s are current in their practice which keeps them abreast with the latest updates in the standards of care and can easily navigate the health record to find the missing links which may ultimately be the difference in winning or losing the case.


3. I already have consulted a doctor on the case, do I still need an LNC?

LNC’s if hired early in the case can prove to be a much more cost-effective choice as they can determine the merit of the case and then suggest the right experts to opine on the causation in the case, if needed. You may not need the opinion of an expert right at the very beginning which may turn out to be an expensive investment for you.


4. Can Cangem help me during the discovery and trial process?

Yes, we absolutely can. We can help locate credible expert witnesses and aid in preparing them for deposition. We prepare questions for depositions and assist in cross- examination of witnesses. During trial, often the jury needs to be explained complex medical information in the form of demonstrative evidence like graphs, tables, charts and pictures. We can create all the above graphics to break down complex medical conditions in an easy-to-understand simple process.