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Download genuine ICC NCND agreement from ICC's website. There is no such thing as an IMFPA !

Updated: Apr 27

Entrepreneurs in international commodity trading, especially bulk commodities, come across documents like NCNDA (non circumvention non disclosure agreement) & IMFPA (International master fee protection agreement).

You will be surprised to learn that most of these documents that you download from internet and sign are FAKE or unauthorized !

Is there a genuine ICC contract/agreement called NCND that you can download or buy from ICC?

The answer is YES !

(It looks like the picture shown)

Is this worth signing and should the intermediaries use it?

Again YES ! Read the details below.

The only genuine ICC NCNDA format/template endorsed and sold by ICC is the ICC Model Contract for (occasional) intermediaries (Non Circumvention Non Disclosure), pub no. 769E.

All NCNDA or IMFPA templates that you see with ICC logo and written ICC 400/500/600 are fake. Read the official warning from ICC here.

The problem is, not all the traders or intermediaries using FAKE drafts of NCNDA or IMFPA are fraudulent, most of them are innocent, but they don't do their homework.

They just search the internet for terms "download ICC NCND template" or "get a copy of ICC Non Circumvention Non Disclosure Agreement" and think that the form they got for free is actually genuine.

Only if they be a little vigilant and search ICC's website, they will easily find all warnings issued by ICC regarding these fake documents and they will easily find that :-

This ICC NCNDA, a 26 pages template/draft, is available for sale on ICC's website here and we can help you fill this properly and teach you the proper way to work as a broker. There is no such thing as an ICC IMFPA.

We offer a great but short training course for only CAD 449 containing multiple training videos and notes that will teach you:

A) Export import terminology needed to work as a broker (intermediary or commission agent)

B) Different export import scenarios including "working as a broker" scenario.

C) Properly fill out the ICC's NCNDA - 769E working as an intermediary/broker

60 minutes of phone consultation is also included that you will be able to utilize within the 4 weeks access to the training and consultation. You can split the 60 minutes in two phone calls of 30 minutes each as well

Please visit here to learn how to properly work as a broker utilizing the genuine and official ICC's NCNDA 769E for only CAD 449

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