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Cangem exits "metal scrap" sector.

Cangem Global has been a crucial player and a well renowned name in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal scrap industry as an exporter/shipper working directly with scrap yards and clients around the world since 2010.

As we progress towards other sectors in international trade, we made this extremely hard decision of taking an exit from our metal scrap division. Existing clients must have received an update already pertaining to all the ongoing shipments. Cangem shall remain as a "shipper" on all BLs that pertain to already shipped or soon to be shipped cargoes and our relative offices will handle all concerns or issues if any until all cargoes are delivered or released by our consignees with promised/approved quality under all existing contracts. Rest assured, the new team shall take over all pending enquiries and future cargoes under future contracts effectively August 25, 2020.

Please be advised that Cangem shall not take any liability and/or responsibility of any kind for any shipment made after August 25, 2020 where Cangem is not the shipper. All our existing clients are advised to do a due diligence before switching over to our counterparts (The respective names of whom can not be made public by Cangem but forwarded to all our clients privately with contract options.) Cangem shall also not take any liability and/or responsibility of any kind in relation to the client-vendor relationship from August 25, 2020 onwards.

All other matters pertaining to employment, ongoing contracts, shipping, documentation and investor relations are being handled internally.

Should you have any concerns regarding this matter or for complete details, please email with subject "metal scrap".



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