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Seminar hosted by the City of Brampton on "How to start an export import business in Canada."

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

On January 26, 2017 a seminar was hosted by the City of Brampton, Canada at City of Brampton West Tower - 2 Wellington Street West.

In this 2 hour seminar presented by Mr Shanu Chadha, CEO of Cangem Global Corporation, various export, import, shipping business topics were covered to help young entrepreneurs who are working as traders and brokers or who wish to start their own business in Exporting, Importing and Shipping (commodity trading & brokering)

The event was a great success and topics like incoterms, export, import & shipping/freight documentation, licences, permits & other legal compliance related topics were discussed. Lisa Rossetti, Business Associate from BEC (Brampton Entrepreneur Centre) arranged the seminar very nicely.

The most common question that most attendees had in their minds before the seminar was, "How to start an export-import business in Canada?" The seminar presented by Mr Chadha answered not only this question but also other questions pertaining to exports, imports and legal/government licences, permits etc. Time, however, was definitely short to discuss such vast topics in depth and we will try our best to arrange another seminar shortly.

Should you have any questions regarding this seminar, please contact the BEC, Brampton, the link for the same is given below:

Being in the commodity trading & shipping (export-import) business since 2010, Cangem started an in-depth export-import training course in 2014 and since then, has been able to create success stories with young entrepreneurs trying to start import, export & shipping business in Canada or US.

For details about this training program, please visit this page


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17 de jul. de 2020

Is there going to be any seminar this year?

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